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Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney in anaheim, california

When the stresses of debt become too much to handle, turn to a skilled professional for advice. At Marlin Branstetter Attorney at Law, I advise clients facing financial troubles in the Anaheim area. From Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy to consumer protections and debt collections, I'm prepared to help you seek relief. Contact my office to schedule a free consultation. If you live in Orange County, Riverside County, or Los Angeles, California, reach out today to start your path toward financial freedom.

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Marlin Branstetter

Attorney at Law

After earning my J.D. from Western State College of Law, I took a job at a collection agency. While working there, I developed a strong sense of empathy for the people I talked to with financial problems. I realized that their financial problems were not because they had failed as human beings, but, in most cases, due to circumstances beyond their control. This inspired me to open my own practice dedicated to those facing financial problems. Since 1987, I've worked with clients in Anaheim, California, and the surrounding areas. I do not represent banks or credit card companies (they have plenty of lawyers) I only represent consumers. My empathetic approach still guides my practice today. I truly care about my clients and their well-being. My goal is to help you seek financial freedom.


Why Work with Me?

Honest & Ethical Information

I'll tell you what you need to hear, and I'll never lead you down unnecessary roads. If I can find a solution for you that doesn't require filing for bankruptcy, I will tell you. You deserve an attorney who puts your needs first.

Unbiased Advice

My practice is a judgment-free space. I understand that debt can affect anyone, so there is no need to feel ashamed. It's my job to give you the financial guidance you need, and I will do so in an objective way.

Collaborative Strategies

When you come to me for legal advice, I'll listen as you describe your situation. We'll then work together to create a plan tailored to your needs. When your future is in question, I'll be your partner as we pursue a favorable outcome.

Discover How Bankruptcy Might Be Right for You

Many people often associate filing for bankruptcy with failure. What they don't realize, however, is that it can be an incredibly useful tool for those seeking debt relief. If you're facing financial troubles, a skilled attorney can help you understand your options. From Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your ideal solution may be closer than you think.

At Marlin Branstetter Attorney at Law, I'm proud to help my clients seek paths out of financial distress. I understand how overwhelming debt can be. I'll be there to help you navigate the bankruptcy filing process and answer any questions you have along the way. Bankruptcy doesn't mean your life is over; in fact, it often means a new beginning.

Bankruptcy can help you avoid foreclosure and repossession. I'm prepared to advise you on both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are able to liquidate your nonexempt assets and use that money to repay your debts. To keep your assets, you would file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows you to set up a repayment plan.

Not sure which form of bankruptcy is right for your situation? Set up a free consultation with me today. I'll explain your options and advise you on the best path forward. From my office in Anaheim, I provide legal counsel to clients throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside County. Contact me today to get started.